Parish Council Working Groups

The Parish Council now has specific working groups to deal with new and committed projects that have been decided by the full parish council.

These working groups have a committee and  nominated chair person, They hold regular meetings and report back to the full parish council each month.

If you wish to contact any of the individual councilors on a matter that would be of interest to a specific working group please use the meet your Councilor page here


Working Group Members

Community Events 

Cllrs; Khan (Chairman)

Hardy, Kent, McLeod, Rice and Shutt


Cllrs; Almond (Chairman) 

Hardy, Jones, Khan, Rice, Shutt and Wood

Safety, Street Scene and Facilities

Cllrs; Wood (Chairman)

Almond, Hardy, Jones, McLeod and Shutt 


Cllrs; McLeod (Chairman)

Almond, Hardy, Rice and Shutt


Cllrs; Hardy (Chairman)

Almond, Jones and Wood